CLARIFICATION (Huwag tayong masyadong malisyoso)


January 10, 2020

(Huwag tayong masyadong malisyoso)

IT HAS come to my attention that my repeated address to former Sen. Bongbong Marcos earlier today during his press conference at the National Press Club, as “VP” (Vice President), has, for some weird reason, been interpreted as an “official endorsement” by the NPC of Sen. Bongbong as the country’s “real” vice president.

This is farthest from the truth as the NPC remains an APOLITICAL media organisation.

My repeated calling him as ‘VP’ is simply a show of basic courtesy to him, as visitor to the NPC, a courtesy we extend to any politician or candidate seeking an office and whom we also address based on the position he/she is seeking.

In common media language, we call this “tsitsaron” (to ‘tickle) to put the mind of our guests at ease; I believed that the majority of those present readily acknowledged this and never put any malice on it.

In other words, had Ms. Lenny Robredo been our guest at the NPC, she would also be addressed as “VP.”

Both the NPC and the undersigned are fully aware of the process, now ongoing, as regards establishing “who” is the “real winner” in the vice presidential contest. Like everyone else, we fully respect that process.

Huwag tayong masyadong malisyoso. ###


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