Let us never forget our values


(Georgette Acasio is one of the beneficiaries of the National Press Club of the Philippines’ scholarship program for children of members. A total of 28 students will receive assistance from the Club during the first semester of School Year 2016-2017.)

It is with great pleasure and honor to be in front of you ladies and gentlemen, (and) to be given this chance to inspire every one.

A great philosopher, Buddha, has once said “the reason for our worries is because we have so much desire.”

Indeed, it is true that many of us have been swayed by the bandwagon mentality of what is relevant to life – money, power, and fame – that have distorted many of us.

These, I believe, have misled many of us. Unfortunately, this mentality is also amplified even by our parents, our schools, our government, and the mass media.

What was once important has become passé, outdated, and no longer relevant to our humanity. We have lost our soft skills, our values, and we have wreaked havoc to many young people’s lives.

I owe my scholarship to people who still believe in what our national hero, Jose Rizal, said that the youth is the hope of this nation.”

It has become a conviction of this institution to carry out this vision and mission as it is with much trust that they have provided us, scholars, the gift of support to equip us and prepare for future battles in life.

The challenge for us now is to accomplish the task of attaining the best output that I believe is manifested in the grades we are able to produce at the end of every term.

It may seem simple but in this time of video games, Facebook, selfies, gadgets, and irresistible peers, focusing on the goal and hitting the target have become an extra challenge.

After much reflection, I was enlightened by the wisdom that accomplishing the task is not that complex. Going back to the basics is the only key to reach the goal.

What do I mean by going back to the basics?

It includes going to school on the dot, waking up early, working on the requirements with enthusiasm, going home right after school, spending spare time in relevant activities, respecting people who continually share their wisdom, focusing on earning my degree after exactly eight semesters.

Life has indeed become complex, but this does not change our needs, only our wants. Hence, learning to focus on what is more significant is the challenge for each of us.

As enlightened individuals, let us go beyond what meets the eye, let us revisit our soft skills, our values, our humanity. Let us be mindful of what is liberating.

And I tell you we can be the exact agents of change that this institution expects us to be.

May the force be with all of us.


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