About Us

The National Press Club of the Philippines (NPC) is a professional and social organization of journalists in the Philippines. It was incorporated on October 29, 1952 through the initiative of newspaperman Teodoro Valencia, who became its third president in 1955.

When it was first established, broadcast journalism, especially television journalism, was not yet developed. Thus, the original members of the organization consisted only of journalists in print media. Now, however, the NPC includes radio and television journalists.

The NPC has taken an active stand on matters affecting press freedom. It has also conducted activities aimed at improving the practice of journalism in the Philippines. It has fraternal relations with international journalist organizations, and is an active member of the Confederation of ASEAN Journalists.

The NPC was founded with the objective of “uphold[ing]the freedom of the press and the dignity of the newspaperman’s profession.” It aims to provide help to members of the media and their families, who are often vulnerable to libel suits or even assassination attempts. More than that, the NPC seeks to provide people who gather and disseminate news a center for the advancement of their professional standards and skills, the promotion of free expression, mutual support and social fellowship. In order to police its own ranks, the NPC reprimands abusive media practitioners, especially those who engage in so-called “envelopmental journalism”; but at the same time it provides legal assistance to those who are sued because of legitimate criticism.

The NPC promotes the strict adherence of journalists to a code of ethics.


The NPC has its headquarters, offices and facilities in a 5,184.7 square meter property in the heart of Manila along Magallanes Drive, besides Jones Bridge, the National Postal Office, Pasig River, and the historic walled city of Intramuros.

The lot was purchased by act of Congress during the time of President Elpidio Quirino. It holds regular socials for its members, but also uses its offices for symposia on matters concerning mass media.

National Press Club Building

The four-storey main building was built in June 1954 and inaugurated on December 30, 1955, by President Ramon Magsaysay. It was designed by the late Angel E. Nakpil as one of the modern and first earthquake-proof buildings in the Philippines, and constructed by Engr. Alberto T. Abaya.

The NPC building is a popular forum for press conferences held by other organizations.